Work related books and documents I read.
Enjoyable reading with practical applications.

Practical math references with block shock load calculations.
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From 1991 to 1999, and from 2003 to 2004 I mainly only removed trees. Tree Pruning was practical reference. It included internal dissections along with world wide growth patterns both theorizing and proving CODIT. Free Radicals
Books by Shigo.

Leisure activity applied to work, and another book i read.
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Book signing @ Gear Co Op grand opening party.

Book's purchased in the alternative.
I'm not certain about the outcome from the above. The Cookie protocol i read is from Netscape not Amazon, and patent time expiration I think has passed. As of around 2006 US attorney's were made to have a science major along with law school to practice patent law.

ISA Certifications

My certifications expired 10/2003 and i am not currently a ISA member. 2004 is the last year I climbed for money.

Original ISA #834I tested around 1991 as Arborist. My later number WCISA #0834 I think applied the Masters.
Expired 10/2003

WCISA #269I tested around 1988 as Tree Worker.
Expired 10/2003

CA. Government Code 53067Arborist as state legislative members. Merging international law and policy.

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