The previous tree may or may not be safe to remove without a crane and I'm not saying It's hazardous enough to remove. A 16 ton hydro would be too short though a 25 ton hydro should suffice.

(Dated::04-26-2014) In 2003 and 2004 i was flying and climbing with a 35 and 40 ton Link Belt. Average tree heights in the location where i worked and lived was 150' with average ISA dbh at about 50". I took a look at the new 40 ton cranes which now appear to have further fly extension. The fly extension specs by themselves without looking at weight factor charts looked to be a valuable gain over the approximate 140' of height i had. These specs are for a fairly current link belt 40 ton. 40 ton cranes have 3 drive axles, and showing with these specs for a 40 ton was a 4 drive axle crane so i did not show it. Also there appears to be some height gain with the 40 ton though not the same as with a 65 ton.

Previous to the link belts i was flying and climbing with a 25 ton Terex. Here is Terex new 40 Ton.

Here is Terex new 40 Ton range specs.

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